StartupAUS Talent Snapshot – Startups Are Creating Thousands Of Brand New Jobs Each Year

15 October, 2019

Startups are creating thousands of new jobs across the Australian job landscape, according to the Emerging Technology: Talent Snapshot released today by StartupAUS, Australia’s peak national advocacy group for startups.

StartupAUS produced the publication in collaboration with University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Google, Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Middle8 with its official launch taking place at UTS on the morning of 15 October 2019.

Key findings reveal employment trends across Australia’s startup sector:

  1. Startups are creating thousands of brand new jobs each year.
  2. Over half the employees of a typical startup know how to code.
  3. Talent remains a top priority for startups across the globe.
  4. Demand for technology skills is increasing across many industries, creating additional competition for startups.
  5. Some cutting edge startup roles have become more mainstream in the last year.

The publication mapped 21 Australian startups at different stages of growth on a plane to show both the level of funding they have raised and their number of employees.

StartupAUS COO Alex Gruszka says, “We’re in a global war for talent. The closest thing technology has to raw material is human intellectual capital – startups are built from turning ideas into innovations and creating value. So making sure we get world-class talent into Australian businesses is a critical step to those businesses growing and flourishing.”

“Startups are grown by smart and hardworking people that are able to take ideas and turn them into innovations which, in turn, provide valuable dividends to the community and economy at large.”

The Emerging Technology: Talent Snapshot explores the rise of the technology sectors greatest asset and resource, the application of human skill and ingenuity. The publication explores talent through a variety of lenses from job creation of startups, supply and demand of skills, critical skills of the future to mechanisms for improving talent in the tech sector.

Gruszka adds, “The sector has been consistent in calling for STEM skills and this snapshot shows why. Over half of those working in a startup have a technical background, which gives an interesting leading insight into what the jobs of the future might look like.

“I was personally surprised by how mainstream many of these tech skills are becoming. Where five years ago startups relied on bespoke recruiters and networks to find industry roles like product managers, they are now using large job boards like SEEK and LinkedIn. And while the demand for data scientists has grown among startups, it’s actually grown faster in the financial services, professional services and not-for-profit sectors.”

To download the Emerging Technology: Talent Snapshot, please head to


About StartupAUS:

StartupAUS is Australia’s national startup advocacy group, working to support the tech community and accelerate the growth of Australian startups. That means making Australia one of the best places in the world to build and grow a tech startup. StartupAUS focuses on trying to get the big picture right for Australian startups – improving the regulatory environment, building a case for the right sort of Government support for a fast-growing sector, and increasing public awareness of the impact of tech startups across the country. StartupAUS is a non-profit organisation registered with the ACNC.

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