Talent Gap Report

Talent Gap Report Talent Gap Report

Talent is an important part of any business. For tech businesses, where high value products are created almost exclusively from human intellectual capital, talent is particularly critical. A shortage of talent therefore risks severely limiting growth in any emerging tech sector. People  with the skills and experience necessary to rapidly grow a startup from a small group of founders into hundreds or even thousands of employees are rare. That rarity has led to fierce global competition for the world’s best talent. Australian startups are not just competing with each other; they are vying with the world’s most promising young companies and established global tech firms.

There are two key ways to inject talent into our startup ecosystem: education, and migration. Education can help us generate a pool of talent locally, building a digitally enabled workforce in the medium term. Migration can help us attract international talent from overseas in key roles in the immediate term. But for either immigration or education to be effective we must first have a clear understanding of which skills are missing.

This report was commissioned to add a layer of detail and depth to our understanding of the key talent shortages in Australia. It seeks to pinpoint those skills which are in immediate high demand, develop an understanding about the broader talent context of the Australian technology sector and profile some of the archetypal roles that are in high demand on the cutting edge of the technology sector.

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