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What is PolicyHack?

Policy Hack 2018 followed the 2015 Policy Hack in Sydney. Then, as now, teams of participants worked on a range of key startup policy challenges, and StartupAUS recorded the outcomes.

Three years on from the last Policy Hack, the time was ripe to get the best minds in the room to decide what comes next. The innovation landscape looks very different in 2018, but there is still much to be done if Australia is to become a world leader in startups and technology.

To that end, we brought together 150 of the ecosystem’s best minds. We invited founders, investors, ecosystem leaders, and policymakers from across the country for a full-day policy hack. Policy Hack 2018 was a landmark moment for the sector, just as the national policy hack in 2015 was. Together, we’re collaboratively building the next wave of Australia’s innovation policy.

With the financial support and participation of the Queensland and Federal governments, as well as Brisbane City Council, Microsoft, UTS, and Google, this event provided a unique opportunity for the public and private sector to work together directly, deep diving on the most important issues facing Australian startups, and driving practical solutions for the future.

Policy Hack 2018 was a full day event in Brisbane on the 16th of May, 2018. It was run in partnership with the Myriad startup festival.

Who attended?

The event saw attendance from senior representatives right across the startup ecosystem, including founders, incubators, accelerators, startup support organisations, universities, and investors.

Participants included founders from some of Australia’s most successful startups and scale-ups, including Canva, Redbubble, Expert360, Myriota, SafetyCulture, 99designs, and RedEye. The event also brought together many of Australia’s leading venture capital firms, including AirTree, Blackbird, Square Peg, and Alium Capital. Some 40 government representatives from federal, state and local government participated in the day and represented a range of portfolio areas.

Policy Hack 2018 had participants from every state and territory of Australia, from both regional and metropolitan areas. More than 40% of participants were women.

What were the outcomes?

Thanks to the over 150 brilliant minds in the room, a lot was achieved in a single day. To access a full synthesis of the outcomes download the outcomes document here.