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Crossroads Report

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The StartupAUS Crossroads report

Download the Crossroads 2015 Report (PDF)

“Australia is at a crossroads. We have an unprecedented opportunity to transition from an economy based on resources, primary industries and domestically focused businesses to one based on high-growth knowledge-intensive businesses that can compete globally in an increasingly technology-driven world.”


The Crossroads report was commissioned by StartupAUS on behalf of the national tech startup community. It sets out an action plan for growth and maturation of the Australian startup ecosystem, identifying key policy areas that require government intervention and recommending specific actions that should be taken to accelerate the growth of the tech sector.  The Crossroads report makes the case that as a nation we need to take immediate and far-reaching steps to address market failures that are impeding the growth of our startup ecosystem.

The StartupAUS Crossroads 2015 report

Crossroads 2015 has been fully updated to reflect changes in the Australian startup ecosystem over the last twelve months, and to note significant developments in the rapidly evolving startup landscape internationally.The recommended actions have been updated to reflect the current challenges facing Australia as it seeks to support the growth of high-value technology-based businesses, and incorporate input from many of the key figures in Australia’s startup community.


Crossroads cover Download the Crossroads 2015 Report (PDF)

Media releaseDownload the 2015 Media Release 


 CrossroadsDownload the 2014 Crossroads report (PDF)
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Crossroads media release Download the 2014 media release

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